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Bespoke Mortgage Advice

Maidwell Group

Why Choose Us?

Whether you are looking to get on to the housing ladder, expand your property portfolio or release equity from existing assets, it’s never easy arranging a mortgage and knowing whether you have secured the best solution.

Finding your dream property is the fun and easy part but when it comes to securing your mortgage, it can get quite complicated and sometimes delays risk you losing the property.


Clients often have complicated scenarios; whether you are based overseas, you receive a large part of your income through bonuses, you are a contract worker or you have just started a new job, we will be able to find you the best solution.

We have built relationships with over 500 lenders across the globe which enables us to provide you with a bespoke offering tailored to meet your needs.


Location and finding the right property is a fundamental factor to consider when purchasing a property. This is why Maidwell Group work closely with a number of top Real Estate Agents based in the UK, Europe and MENA region. So depending on what you are looking for, we can put you in touch with the right agent to help you find your dream property!

When arranging a mortgage, there may be other factors to take into consideration such as; stamp duty, legal advice or any potential tax implications. We work closely with a range of lawyers and tax advisers globally, so whether you are exploring various holding structures or just want to understand your options, we will put you in touch with the specialist near you to guide you in this process.

Maidwell Group will manage the process from application all the way through to completion so regardless of your circumstances we will be able to steer the process and manage each of the parties involved to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

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